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About Us

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welcomes and congratulate you for making the first steps towards a rewarding career, health & lifestyle !

At FRAGANNET SDN BHD, a subsidiary of Japan Dong Bao Group, we aim to raise the bar in healthcare solutions to the world by providing excellent high quality health products plus a rewarding business career to those who are inspired and motivated to do so for many years, the company’s rigorous research and development in natural health products have proven essential to our modern lifestyle.


At FRAGANNET SDN BHD, our dynamic philosophy is to provide opportunity for feedback for our investors by launching a series of high quality health products complemented by trainings to provide a platform for investors to grow mutually.We hereby believe that you will grasp this golden opportunity to commit yourself and grow rapidly with us. At the moment we expand together, our company and you will bond a common promise and there we will create a better foundation and a better future in our business career.


We believe our partnership with you will have a rewarding mutual benefit as we align ourselves to strict business ethics and spirit, powered by the company’s commitment to assist you in every war we can. The company will provide all relevant information, support, time and energy to help you succeed and it is with this foundation that we believe a favourable business environment will develop a better future.



Our Quality Standarts

Rest assured it is the company’s commitment to practice ethical commercial laws, business ethics and strict operating guidelines in all our operations. Adhering to these standards will protect our agents and ultimately maintain a balanced development leading to a rewarding successful career with FRAGANNET SDN BHD.

Creative View

If you agree and accept the above, please share this vision with your family and friends and help others around you spread this love to make the world a better place to live in. Lets this love spread to every corner of the world and let a healthy lifestyle become the lifestyle of choice for many. We believe you, as partners of FRAGANNET SDN BHD can discover a beautiful world and create a better world. .