Fina says aquatic roof will be ready for games, including next season

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Fina says aquatic roof will be ready for games, including next season.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan hopes the new ground and roof will be good enough to keep the game on and keep fans happy – but says it’s too early 바카라사이트to say if it will work.

“It’s our view it’s going to have the same effect of having a damp floor, so I think it’ll be a good start,” McLachlan said.

“Certainly there’s a bit of a buzz around it and everyone is hoping that it will continue to improve.”

McLachlan says the AFL will also keep the ground in good shape so fans are less likely to be disappointed with rain.

McLachlan says the cost to the AFL to make a new ground for the 2016 and 2019 s더킹카지노easons was just $17.5 million after costs for all other years.

But that’s still much cheaper than the new $42 million facility the AFL has agreed to spend on the Brisbane Strikers stadium.

The Strikers, at the foot of the Sky Tower, are moving to an $8 million home at a cost to the AFL of $21 million – or $27 million less than a new stadium would cost.

McLachlan says the price tag for the Strikers is $22 million less than a $36 million facility the AFL has agreed to spend on its proposed ground at the Adelaide Oval.

However, that facility will feature an 11,000 capacity arena that will feature five multi-function stands, which the AFL says will be more accommodating than an expanded football venue on a smaller field.

“We have already announced a new $28 million facility for next year that will have the capacity to host a $36 million AFL club and an AFL event and we’re going to finish up our facility this year as it looks to be a cost savings for us as well,” McLachlan said.

McLachlan says the AFL will not be in a position to make an offer for the Strikers stadium until 2020 and says the AFL has a strong 우리카지노mandate in South Australia to keep the Strikers stadium open.

The AFL will keep the AFL flag raised at the AFL football stadium at the former Adelaide Oval in front of the new stadium to be unveiled on Sunday morning after the grand final at Adelaide Oval.

With more than 12 months to go until the 2015 grand final, some of the key questions facing the AFL at its annual meeting on Saturday:


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